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MZ Global Synergy Ventures was officially incorporated and registered under Malaysian Companies Act 1956 by Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia. The company offers a wide range of professional services & equipment supplies & installation job from civil engineering, construction and other related business activities

Our corporate objective is to expand and enhances our capabilities and competencies in providing high quality services in the field of Maintenance, Overhaul, Servicing, and Project EPCC works particularly in the Oil & Gas and Manufacturing industries.

We are highly committed in ensuring high standards of professionalism in our operation to meet client’s specific requirements.

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This is What We Do
This is What We Do

Services & specializations


We provide boiler, heat exchanger, chiller, steam turbine, valve, motor/pump, and other mechanical equipment service, overhaul, repair, re-tubing, testing, assembly, installation, and maintenance.


To Hire People for Tank Cleaning (Confined Space Work), To Hire People for People to Enter and Stand by (AESP), To Hire People to Test Gases and to Enter and Stand by (AESP) (AGTES) Become a member of the DOSH, the Confined Space Emergency Rescue Team (CSERT), and the Confined Space Emergency Kit.


Building design, construction, and maintenance; site supervision and project management; inspections of building defects; maintenance, renovations, and building refurbishment.

fabrication work

Piping and steel structures (Fabrication & Installation), Metal fabrications, Machining work, Insulation work ( hot / cold / refractory), Supply of competent manpower supply (Welder / Fitter)

civil maintenance services (Scaffolding)

Erection/dismantling scaffolding, Supply of competent manpower for erect/ dismantling scaffolding, Rental of scaffolding equipment, Competent scaffold inspectors


We offer non-destructive test inspection services ranging from the most basic, such as Magnetic Particle Testing (MT), to the most advanced, such as phase array ultrasonic testing (PAUT)


We provide professional people in accordance with the needs of our clients, which may include confined space work, working at heights, AGT, SHO, SSS, and other positions.


We offer project management services for firefighting systems in the process and non-process areas, as well as piping design, firefighting maintenance and repair, and general technical and engineering consultancy.


We provide Personal Protective Equipment, Traffic Management, Accessories & Equipment, Emergency Response Equipment, Portable Gas Detector System, Fixed Gas System, Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), Fire Fighting System, and Confined Space Entry Kit.

oil & gas undustry supplies and service

We offer maintenance and repair services for valves, pipes, and instrumentation, as well as workshop tools and equipment, along with engineering components and services.

industrial iot trainings & services

Installation of IOT Devices. Integration of systems. Application for Smart Buildings. Application for Smart Homes. Training & Upskilling Programs for IOT. IOT SATA Authorized Business Partner

Experience & Achievements

This is What We Do
Experience In Industry

Registered with PETRONAS

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Why Work With Us

Solution driven

We approach a difficult problem with a creative solution that is both cost and time effective.

Highly Experienced

More than 5 years in the industry, we are well-trained and have worked on numerous large-scale projects for companies such as Petronas, Innate Synergy, KOBE, and many more.

We Meet Deadlines

We strive to make sure that all of our projects are finished within the time frame specified by the clients.

health & safety culture

We emphasis on safety first to ensure that all of our staff and workers comeback home safely, we enforce our staff with "Stop Work Order" when ever they felt that thier activity or work place are not safe.

Attention To Detail

No detail is too little for us, and we make certain that everything is done once and right.

Creative & innovative


We are proud of what we have achieved and these are some of the most recent activities that we have done for our clients.

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